What is Anti-Inflammatory Skincare?

woman checking her face in a mirror

Do you suffer from red, dry, and inflamed skin? Anti-inflammatory skincare may be just what you need. It focuses on reducing inflammation in the skin to help soothe redness and irritation, while also targeting external factors like environmental stressors and free radical exposure. Inflammation on our skin is one of the most … Read more

Natural Skincare for Aging Skin

black seeds, fresh flowers, a bottle, and a natural skin care ingredient in a mortar

When it comes to skincare, it is common knowledge that many of the most prevalent anti-aging products were tried and tested in a laboratory. While that may be fine for some—we all want to look and feel young—the idea may put others off. If the idea of smearing your face with some … Read more

Reducing Acne Scars for Healthy Skin

a close up of a man with acne scars putting a red cream on his face

While some people are fortunate to have blemishes that fade without leaving a mark, some are left with visual reminders of previous breakouts, which can be emotionally draining. As if acne wasn’t bad enough, a pimple scar can take weeks or even months to fade (if it fades at all). Think again … Read more

Pros and Cons of Using a Derma Roller

Beautiful woman during microneedling procedure. Beautician doing female skin treatment using a microneedle derma roller, close up. Isolated on white

A derma roller is a small handheld wheel with needles on it used in dermarolling, also recognized as microneedling, which has recently become a popular beauty trend. It may seem counterintuitive that injuring your skin will result in better skin, but that is the science behind microneedling. This gadget pricks the skin … Read more

Maintaining Healthy Skin With Essential Oils

a flatlay of two bottles of essential oils surrounded by different fruit slices and herbs

There is no refuting that when it comes to skincare; going organic is always the best option. It’s not surprising that many folks prefer to use essential oils in their skincare regime. Essential oils are extracted from plant parts such as flowers, leaves, barks, etc. They are then processed in various ways … Read more

Are Derma Rollers Safe?

Roller Microneedle Mesotherapy

The old phrase “beauty is pain” may be commonplace for anyone trying out the latest industry innovations. But it’s difficult to ignore the extreme risks that emerge when unregulated beauty tools, including microneedling, fall into the wrong hands. The procedure, also known as dermarolling, entails moving a derma roller equipped with needles … Read more

Tips for Dealing with Stretch Marks

a pregnant woman’s belly with stretch marks

Introduction Stretch marks are a skin problem that most people have to deal with at some stage in their lives. The fact is that stretch marks can happen to anyone, no matter their lifestyle or age. Stretch marks are the result of tearing of skin during enlargement or shrinking of the body, … Read more

What are the benefits of coconut oil and butter for the skin?

Coconut butter

Many people are familiar with coconut oil and its benefits. It is used around the world both for cooking and cosmetic purposes. However, what the majority is not familiar with, is coconut butter. Even though both look more or less similar but have several different characteristics.  Amongst the two, coconut oil tends … Read more

What would you do if your skin is allergic to your cat?

What would you do if your skin is allergic to your cat

Do you develop a skin rash or suffer from itchiness when interacting with your feline companion? Chances are you belong to the estimated 2% percent of the U.S. population who are allergic to cats. Yet, like the third of that number, you decided to keep your feline friend. Truth to be told, … Read more

Tips to Take Care of Your Skin Like the Rich and Famous

fairer skin

Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, as coming into contact with dirt or harmful elements can change how some sections of our skin look. While all of our skin is very sensitive, the one found in our face is probably the most prone to getting damaged … Read more